Dmitri Banshchikov

full stack developer

Hi everyone!

Looking for a web-related developer position in a strong team where I can continually improve my programming and technical leadership skills.

🌱I’m currently immersed in the study of Power Apps.

I’d appreciate it if you could help me by getting my CV to the right person.


Full Stack Developer, Self-employed, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

Engaged in the creation and development of a website about immigration to Canada, as well as a network of landing pages, Facebook groups, Telegram groups, bots, etc.

April 2022 - Present

Warehouse Manager/Export Documentation Coordinator

Beeline Electronics Inc, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Work features: small warehouse, no bulk goods, no subordinates

  • Ensure the safe and proper receipt, storage, retrieval, and timely dispatch of electronic components;
  • Coordinate the export documentation process (Canadian Export Reporting System& etc);
  • Suggest and implement improvements to any process related to the warehouse;
  • Fulfill quarterly stocktaking and write-off balance
April 2018 - March 2021

Product Manager/Supply Chain Manager

Svet telecom trade, Minsk, Belarus

Product groups: consumer electronics and appliances Panasonic; headphones Sennheiser; Beats; Technics; 2-way Radios Motorola; Oregon Scientific; Ea2; BBK; Home Element; Lumme; Marta

  • Determine customers' needs and obtain product market information, condition and availability;
  • Review product specifications and requirements;
  • Participate in the market competition by comparing the company's product to competitors' products;
  • Estimate source data of product line to define product marketing plan;
  • Obtain product market share and develop product sales strategies;
  • Prepare short-term and long-term product sales forecasts;
  • Support inventory turnover and product availability;
  • Bring new products to market, analyze product development programs;
  • Determines product pricing by using market research data, and reviewing sales costs;
  • Maintain product sales department by selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • Plan, monitor, and evaluate sales staff job results;
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, and establishing personal networks.
January 2010 - July 2016


I've got Canada in my pocket!

Summary: Engaged in the creation and development of a website about immigration to Canada, as well as a network of landing pages, Facebook groups, Telegram groups, bots, etc.

Used tools and technologies: Amazon Lightsail, WordPress Multisite, Spring Boot, Telegram Bot API

December 2019 - Present

Bookscape Library

Summary: Library Management System is software built to handle the primary housekeeping functions of a library. Libraries use it to keep track of their asset collections and interactions with users. Library Management System helps libraries keep track of the books and their checkouts, as well as users’ subscriptions and profiles.

Used tools and technologies: MongoDB, ChakraUI, ASP.NET Core, React.js, Google Books API, Azure API, Netlify, html5-qrcode, (QR generator API)

Project findings are:
  • roadmap creation and updates
  • workload planning and assignment
  • ensuring team members are occupied (within reason) with staying on objective or reaching their targets
  • making sure the tools are utilized properly
  • how to publish an ASP.NET Core web API to Azure API Management
  • how to implement JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication in a .NET 6.0 API
Mar-15, 2022 - Apr-08, 2022

Car Sharing

Summary: This app is a peer-to-peer computing car-sharing app by which anyone can book any category of vehicle with a few simple taps on their phone. This service can be booked at any time and from any location. The users of the app can select the service from a variety of models, while hosts also enjoy its service by earning extra money to balance the budget of the car owner.

Used tools and technologies: ASP.NET Core, Razor pages, Entity Framework Core, Leaflet, File upload cloud file storage S3, SQL, mapbox

Project findings are:
  • Proper programming of interactions between the Web interface and the user
  • Proper programming authentication and authorization mechanisms
Mar-02, 2022 - Mar-10, 2022

Invoice Software for Wholesale Business

Summary: Invoicing software is a tool that generates billing for products. It creates a list of products along with their corresponding prices and sends them to customers as an invoice.

Used tools and technologies: .NET Framework, Entity Framework, LINQ, StackPanel, DockPanel, DataGrid, MS SQL Server, Azure, MaterialDesignThemes, MaterialDesignColors

Project findings are:
  • How to create and deploy fully functional and accessible Windows applications
  • How to integrate MS SQL Server with C#
  • CRUD in WPF
  • Secure Windows application
Feb-09, 2022 - Feb-17, 2022


Summary: Lookbook is a React web app for a social networking service. Users can upload images to the app. Posts can be shared with the public at large or with pre-approved followers. Users may explore trending content and browse other users’ content via tags. Users may perform quick interactions/reactions on photos, as well as follow other users’ content to add it to their own personal feed.

Used tools and technologies: MongoDB, Mongoose, React.js, Express.js, Node.js, Tailwind CSS, AWS S3, Heroku, Netlify

Source code

Project findings are:
  • How to configure a client-side JavaScript framework (React.js) and the JavaScript web server (Node. js)
  • Using MongoDB as a database
  • Setting up Tailwind CSS in a React.js project
  • Deploy a MERN application in the cloud (AWS S3, Heroku, Netlify)
  • Testing the API
Jan-14, 2022 - Jan-25, 2022

Sunny Hotel

Summary: Sunny Hotel is a Spring Boot web app for a hotel booking system service. The system supports the booking of different room types like standard, deluxe, family suite, etc. Guests are able to search the inventory of available rooms and book them accordingly. The system is able to obtain information such as who booked a certain room or which rooms a given consumer booked

Used tools and technologies: Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Thymeleaf, MySQL, AWS EC2

Source code

Project findings are:
  • How to create and configure a Java web application
  • Integrate MySQL Databases into Java software
  • Deploy a Spring application in the cloud (AWS EC2)
  • Proper programming of asynchronous calls
  • Compliance with issue tracking and version control procedures
Dec-09, 2021 - Dec-20, 2021


Summary: DeliverEats is an online food ordering and delivery service for many restaurants. The app detects the user’s location (or asks for a postal code) and displays locations that are open and those that are closed at the same time.

Used tools and technologies: PHP, Slim, Twig, HTML, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, Trello, MySQL

Source code

Project findings are:
  • How PHP, the Slim microframework, and Twig operate together
  • Creating dynamic webpages based on PHP, Slim, and Twig
  • Using MySQL as a database
  • Creating a domain for the project and hosting it on it
  • Utilizing Agile/Scrum methodologies, as well as Trello and Git
Oct-22, 2021 - Nov-16, 2021

My Grocery

Summary: Group project for a User Interfaces class. The project includes mock-up and design, DOM tree, HTML, and CSS coding.

Used tools and technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX

Source code

Project findings are:
  • Using JavaScript for modifying the Document Object Model, event handling, forms verification
  • How CSS works behind the scene
  • Team collaboration
  • Correct manipulation of DOM objects
  • Proper programming of interactions between the Web interface and the user
Sep-12, 2021 - Sep-20, 2021

United Immigration Advocates

Team: Anthony Decelles, Christopher Perrault, Christopher White, Dmitri Banshchikov, Norman Fried

Summary: Group project for a Web design class. This project is to design, develop, publish, and maintain a website using recommended design practices.

Used tools and technologies: HTML, CSS

Source code

Project findings are:
  • Determine the web pages that will be on the website by sketching the navigation structure
  • Determine the content for each web page
  • Design the web pages by sketching the page layouts
  • Define the website and organize the files and folders
  • Create the web pages using an IDE
Aug-29, 2021 - Sep-01, 2021


CEGEP - John Abbott College, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada

Full-Stack Developer Attestation of collegial studies (AEC)

Full stack developer program is a full-time credit program that leads to an Attestation of College Studies (A.E.C.). The objective of the Full-Stack Developer (FSD) program is to provide hands-on, up-to-date training using current industry-standard methodologies and technologies. The program is 1 305 hours in length, delivered over the course of five semesters. The program includes 17 courses, including an internship.

May 2021 - June 2022

ACCESS, Adult Education Centre of the Riverside School Board, Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada

Attestation of Vocational Specialization, Starting a Business
Competency developed:
  • To research and process information
  • To prepare a business plan outline
  • To determine market analysis, marketing, and sales strategies
  • To determine the human, material, and physical resources needed to start and run a business
  • To organize and process the information needed to secure business financing
2017 - 2018

Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Programme UQAM-MIFI: francisation et intégration des immigrants. Cours à temps complet

2016 - 2017

Belarus State Economic University, Minsk, Belarus

Bachelor's degree of Economic sciences, Finance and credit

Bachelor's Degree of Economic sciences in Banking and finance, according to Comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec issued by Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration.

September 1995 - July 2000

Knowledge and technical skills

  • Programming & scripting languages: JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#
  • Utilize web design and development tools, and software development methodologies
  • Design, develop, test, and deploy applications for various devices
  • Design and develop web applications in a database environment
  • Apply object-oriented software methodologies
  • Configure a web development environment
  • Create and exploit web APIs (Application Programming Interface)
  • Secure a web application and web API

Honors & awards

  • Dean's List for the Fall 2021 semester · Issued by John Abbott College · Feb 2022
  • Dean's List for the Winter 2021 semester · Issued by John Abbott College · Sep 2021
  • Diploma with honors · Issued by Belarus State University of Economics · Jul 2000